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ATO warning regarding work-related expense claims for 2017
GST applies to services or digital products bought from overseas
Imposition of GST on 'low-value' foreign supplies
New threshold for capital gains withholding
Action to address super guarantee non-compliance
Change to travel expenses for truck drivers
Car depreciation limit for 2017/18
Div.7A benchmark interest rate
Update on the government's superannuation program
Tax time is prime time for scams
ATO also warns against identity theft
The 'sharing economy' in the ATO's sights
Latest ATO benchmarks released
Cents per km deduction rate for motor vehicle expenses
Overtime Meal Allowance Amounts
Div.7A benchmark interest rate
CGT:  2016/17 Improvement threshold
ATO announces two important data matching protocols
Data matching on insurance taken out on certain assets owned by
"wealthier" taxpayers
Property sales and rental income
Tax help for people affected by recent bushfires
Warning to employers to withhold tax from some car allowances
Taxpayer misses out on small business CGT concession
March quarter GIC and SIC rates
Extra time for foreign investors to register agricultural land
Reminder of small business tax cuts
ATO supporting small business to implement SuperStream
ATO reviewing taxable payments annual reports
Guidance regarding the payment of death benefits
ATO's Visa Data Matching Program
Immediate deductibility of capital start-up expenses
Claimable business-related start-up costs
Data matching program - on eBay online sales
New multi-agency approach to fight serious financial crimes
ATO and United States IRS share bank information
Small Business Protections from unfair contract terms
ATO moves on cafés & restaurants
The ATO and its regulation of SMSFs
GST on all (taxable) online transactions from 1 July 2017
NZ changes to GST imports to affect our exporters
Holiday rentals under the microscope
Credit and debit cards data-matching program
Taxpayers can apply to the ATO for a market value ruling
ATO warns about doing your own valuation
Pay GST instalments quarterly and report annually
GIC and SIC rates for the 2015 December quarter
ATO's apps and other online tools
The ATO's new approach to dispute resolution
ATO data matching program - visa holders
New guidance from ATO regarding GST for Uber (and similar) drivers
Registering an SMSF for an ABN
Data matching to be expanded on individual returns
Three more tax changes for small business
Reasonable Overtime Meal Allowance Amounts - 2015/16
Builders and contractors annual payment report
Change to the way taxpayers claim work-related car expense deduction
81 year-old WA pensioner loses $110,000 in tax scam
Tax support service for drought affected communities
Employee share scheme changes
Telstra 2014 share buy-back
Government moves to get Single Touch Payroll right
SuperStream date extended for medium to large employers
ATO increases focus on rental property deductions
    Holiday Homes
ATO is using SMS messages to try and clear debt
ATO warns over-claiming is easier to detect than ever
Depreciation for farmers brought forward
ATO swoops on phoenix businesses
Update on taxi travel/ride-sourcing
GIC and SIC rates
ATO warns about aggressive phone scams
Holiday homes that taxpayers rent out
      Claiming deductions on holiday homes
      Tax Tip:  Keeping records for CGT purposes
Early access to super for people with terminal illness
Consider buying house in spouses name if used partly for business
The sharing economy
Tax help for people affected by severe weather in NSW
ATO's new appeals division - the "RDR"
FBT:  Car parking threshold
Luxury car tax threshold
ATO super crackdown - child care, building, cleaning, pubs
Inappropriate loans from super funds
ATO's audit targets
Contractor payments data matching program
Eligibility for net medical expenses tax offset
Property developers - be careful what you wish for, from the outset
Can you access your super fund for medical procedures?
Compassionate grounds to withdraw superannuation
When can super monies be released on ‘compassionate grounds’
How to protect your identity - ATO's (anti) fraud video
ATO's data matching program on specialised payment systems
Changes to employee share schemes
ATO says beware of 'boiler room' sales tactics
New ATO initiatives for small businesses
ATO warns property developers to declare income
SMSFs and succession planning
Ignorance of the law is no excuse
SMSFs and trauma insurance
CPI - June 2014 quarter
ATO's Tax Amnesty - They offer an "Invitation to come in from the cold"
Family Court documents opened up to Tax Office
ATO keen for taxpayers to avoid tax-related scams
Repairs to a rental property formerly used as a home
Gov't to effectively get rid of super excess contributions tax
Car parking can be classed as "meal entertainment
Change in the FBT rate - 2014/15
Small business panel to boost ATO’s expertise
GIC and SIC rates for June 2014 quarter/div>
Why we must all exercise great care with super at year end
SMSF trustees may soon be fined for breaches by their fund
Super caps increased for 2014/15
High risk industries targeted for super obligations
Contractor/Council data matching program
Vineyard scheme promoters penalised
The ATO, TFNs and Australia Post
ATO encouraging women to put more into super
Super update from the ATO
Car expense rates per km - 2013/14
Tax help for people affected by bushfires
Data Matching Programs
The importance of BDBNs
Reminder: Lodging SMSF returns
ATO compliance: Taxable payments annual reports
Small Business Super Clearing House Reform
Tax help for people affected by bushfires
Tax changes under the new government
Update on issues affecting SMSFs
ATO to target work-related expense claims
ATO Data Matching Program
Spike in email scams
Be careful about property arrangements with family!
Taxpayer slammed on (lack of) record keeping
Are you sure your 'independent contractors' are not ‘employees’?
Taxi cents per kilometre rates
2013/14 CGT improvement threshold
What does tax look like under a Coalition government?
What the ATO is up to with its FBT Audits
FBT:  What happens when two employees use the same car?
GIC and SIC rates for 2013 December quarter
Tax not always fair? What a surprise!
The election is announced: It's almost over!!
The Government's Tax Plans
The Coalition's Tax Plans
Common errors when applying the CGT concessions
When a superannuation pension commences and ceases
Segregation of pension assets
Massive change to treatment of FBT on car fringe benefits
New reporting requirements for BCI taxpayers
ATO's 2013 Compliance Program
CGT: Keep the right records
Car depreciation limit for 2013/14
Reasonable Overtime Meal Allowance Amounts - 2013/14
ATO warns investors about tax avoidance schemes
GIC and SIC rates for September 2013 quarter
Medicare Levy increase becomes law
ATO’s new 'Trusts Taskforce'
Super funds keep pension exemption after death
Simpler depreciation rules for business
The ATO on work related expenses
Budget 2013/14
Limited recourse borrowing arrangements by SMSFs
Superannuation changes for employers from 1 July 2013
Record keeping for small business CGT concessions
ATO Data Matching Programs
Online Selling Data Matching Program
WorkCover Data Matching Program
Luxury Car Tax limit for 2013/14
Car parking threshold: 2013/14
Proposed changes to superannuation
Self-education expenses on the chopping block
Taxpayer slammed by 'benchmarking' audit
Cars still on ATO's FBT radar
FBT:  Benchmark interest rate
FBT:  Cents per kilometre basis
Returns with refunds will need bank account details
SMSF update from the ATO
Applying to the ATO for advice
Related party transfers
Changes to the SMSF Levy
Date of disposal occurred when Heads of Agreement signed
The Facts of the Case
he AAT's Decision
Car expense per km rates - 2012/13
ETP cap amount for 2013/14
Help for taxpayers - Bushfires and floods
ATO Data Matching programs
Company loss carry-back rules
The super fund pension exemption extended after death of recipient
Pension deeming rates to be reduced
Baby Bonus drops from $5,000 to $3,000
Transferring assets to SMSFs
Taxpayer hit with 93% tax on excess superannuation contribution
New rules for trustees of SMSFs
ATO Data Matching Programs
Termination of employment: Legal costs
How to (effectively) claim input tax credits on rental property expenses
ATO's motor vehicle data matching program
ATO urges caution with SMSF property investments
Payments for electricity generated from solar panels
Trust resettlements and CGT
Changes to the GST treatment of Government charges
ATO's Small Business Benchmarks
How do benchmarks work in practice?
ATO's new Contractor Payments data matching program
GST can apply to “no-shows”
Super contribution capping rules - Individuals aged 75 and over
Cars on the ATO's 'FBT radar'
Changes to director obligations
Tax Office "ups the ante" on tax file number (TFN) reporting
Compliance action
Excess contributions case - special circumstances win for taxpayer
When is a business a business?
Scams, scams and more scams
Claim the tax-free threshold with more than one employer!
GIC & SIC rates for December 2012 quarter
Small business audits on the way
Update on the small business benchmarks
Changes that can trigger the new 20% FBT statutory formula rate
New changes affecting SMSFs
ATO tackles 'employee or contractor' question
Beneficiaries of trusts have 4-year amendment periods?
New ATO income tax guide for non-profit organisations
ATO Compliance Program 2012/13
ATO discretion to retain refunds - recent changes
New building industry taxable payments reporting system
Car depreciation limit for 2012/13
Reasonable Overtime Meal Allowance Amounts - 2012/13
Occupations in the spotlight this tax time
Default assessments for non-lodgers
ASX securities data-matching project
eBay data-matching project
Reporting TFNs quoted to trusts for the first time in 2012
ATO cash sales benchmarks permanently withdrawn
Car parking threshold: 2012/13 FBT year
CGT improvement threshold: 2012/13

Budget 2012
Measures previously announced but not going ahead or being deferred
Phasing out the Mature Age Worker tax offset
Consolidating the dependency offsets into a single tax offset
Converting the Education Tax Refund into a new ‘Schoolkids Bonus’
Changes to the Net Medical Expenses tax offset
Non-residents - changes to income tax rates and removal of the 50% CGT
Better targeting of the ETP tax offset - crackdown on golden handshakes
Reduction of tax concession for super contributions by high income earners
Company loss ‘carry-back’ tax relief
Why has the date for making distributions changed this year?
FBT car parking threshold
Private health insurance and Medicare levy surcharge changes
-  The new income tier thresholds
Super contribution made by EFT on 30 June results in more tax
Taxpayer's early access to super costs dearly
Cents per km car rates for 2011/12
FBT:  Benchmark interest rate
FBT:  Cents per kilometre basis
2011/12 FBT return time
Minor benefits exemption
Exempt work-related items
SMSF trustee information packs
New personal tax rates 2012/13
ATO warns of 25,000 reports of scams last year
Coffee shops now an ATO target
Cash Economy
Super contribution not in on time costs a taxpayer dearly
Building industry data matching - trade accounts
Small Business Benchmarks 2012
Government to give Tax Office the power to withhold refunds
Building deductions
Related parties and SMSFs
Retail premiums paid to shareholders
New ATo Reforms Announced
ATO crackdown on PSI and ABN's
Tax incentive to encourage immunisation
SMF compliance focus for trustees
ATO Data Matching Programs
ATO Warning on scams
GST on Promotional Discounts
Default Assessment for non lodgers
Employer Superannuation contributions
Property GST tools at ATO
Education refund data matching
Christmas Gifts  - entertainment - non entertainment gifts
Benchmarks for Industries
Record Keeping for Business
New ATO Property webpage
Pacific seasonal workers tax rate change
Spring carnival, year-end and other staff parties
Cash economy and the ATO's benchmarks
ATO and GST compliance
SMSFs and money lending
FBT treatment of signage on a car
GIC & SIC rates for December 2011 quarter